Kathy Hobson


I am Kathy Hobson and I live in Seaford with my husband and 2 young kids. I am also the owner/founder of choresandmore.

I have personal experience of how difficult it is to juggle everything when you've got a family. I've been lucky enough to have been a 'stay at home' mum for four years but the prospect of returning to work raised huge issues for me about how to maintain an acceptable work/life balance. I have a strong belief in staying at home with the kids as much as possible in the early years. This, combined with my husbands unpredictable working hours, made getting a 'normal job' virtually impossible. I then began wondering how many other women were in a similar situation. Hence the concept of choresandmore was born!

My vision for choresandmore is to create a network of local mums helping local mums. It is important to me that it is affordable to all/most families and that it is truly local. Choresandmore is currently restricted to Seaford because travelling reduces the amount of time I have to help you. Who knows, maybe one day there'll be a 'choresandmore – Lewes' or 'choresandmore – Eastbourne'!

My previous life (before kids!):

I was a property developer before becoming a mum. I have quite a lot of experience of the property market and of general DIY. I have also 'done up' my own homes, learning many skills along the way (including kitchen installation, tiling and carpet fitting) because I hate paying tradesmen!

Prior to property developing I have 5 years experience of kitchen and bathroom design, working for In-toto Kitchens. Prior to this I worked as an Admin. Supervisor. I have a wide range of skills and experiences and a BA (Hons) degree in business and languages.

I am incredibly inspired and focused on my new business choresandmore, and I really hope to be able to make a difference to the lives of other working mums.